How Can a Brand Crisis Be Navigated Through Strategic Marketing?

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    How Can a Brand Crisis Be Navigated Through Strategic Marketing?

    When a brand faces a crisis, the path to redemption is often through strategic marketing, as explained by our Director of Content who successfully 'Revamped Packaging to Boost Sales'. Alongside this expert perspective, we've gathered five additional answers that span from embracing transparency to forging credible influencer alliances. These insights offer a multifaceted approach to navigating the turbulent waters of a brand crisis.

    • Revamped Packaging Boosts Sales
    • Embrace Transparency on Social Media
    • Incorporate Customer Feedback Promptly
    • Shift Focus with New Messaging
    • Rebuild Image with Positive Ads
    • Leverage Credible Influencer Alliances

    Revamped Packaging Boosts Sales

    One of our clients was experiencing a crisis as their performance in Costco was going to lead to them being delisted from the shelves. Our agency stepped in and recreated their packaging design, resulting in a 183% increase in purchase intent. This made them a much stronger contender in Costco, and it also opened up an opportunity for them to enter ALDI. While our process is proprietary, it came down to revisiting the brand's positioning in the market, creating new messaging and designs to support that positioning, and then testing with consumers to verify that our work would have a meaningful impact.

    Jason Vaught
    Jason VaughtDirector of Content, SmashBrand

    Embrace Transparency on Social Media

    When a brand faces a crisis, using social media platforms to communicate honestly and openly can help mitigate damage. It's crucial to address the issue head-on, acknowledging the problem and outlining the steps the company is taking to resolve it. This approach shows that the brand values transparency and is committed to maintaining trust with its audience.

    Continuous updates and responsiveness can also help in keeping the public informed, displaying a willingness to engage and rectify the situation. Share your thoughts with us on our latest post on how we're addressing the crisis.

    Incorporate Customer Feedback Promptly

    To navigate a brand crisis effectively, timely feedback from customers should be incorporated into the strategic marketing plan. Setting up a system that allows for immediate customer reactions gives a business the opportunity to understand the concerns and expectations of their audience directly. When these insights are applied, they can guide the refinement of products, services, and communication strategies to better meet the needs of the customers.

    The feedback loop can be a powerful tool in adapting and overcoming a negative situation. Have you experienced our services recently? Leave us your valuable feedback!

    Shift Focus with New Messaging

    In the wake of a crisis, altering the brand's messaging can be a vital step in regaining consumer confidence. It involves carefully crafting the brand's language and imagery to convey a renewed commitment to the values and quality standards that customers expect. By placing emphasis on the positive aspects and improvements, the brand can shift focus from past mistakes to current and future initiatives.

    This strategy is about winning back hearts and minds by demonstrating change and progress. Share what you love about our new direction!

    Rebuild Image with Positive Ads

    A strategically placed advertisement campaign can play an essential role in improving a brand's image following a crisis. Focusing on positive messages and highlighting the brand’s strengths can counteract negative perceptions. This type of advertising should aim to connect with the audience on an emotional level, creating a narrative that aligns the brand with positivity and resilience.

    This method reassures customers and invites them to see the brand in a new light. Discover our latest campaign and let us know your thoughts!

    Leverage Credible Influencer Alliances

    Forming alliances with well-respected influencers can be a smart move for a brand looking to overcome a crisis. These influencers come with their own loyal following and credibility, which can transfer to the brand through association. The key is to engage influencers whose values align with that of the brand, allowing for authentic promotion and storytelling.

    This can greatly enhance the perceived trustworthiness of the brand in the eyes of the public. Check out what our partners have to say about our commitment to excellence!